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Say 'Hello' to our School Council 2018/2019


Y1: Darcy Phillips and Russell Johnson

Y2: Jay Hedgecox and Francesca Gleeson

Y3: Charlie Sutton and Lola Greenham

Y4: Che Ramous and Chloe Hackshaw

Y5: Ivy Jenkins and Chloe Woodward

Y6: Miles Longerinas and Ruby Gray


So far this term we have met to relaunch our Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy with our classes. We are really pleased to say that all of our classmates knew what to do if they thought they or someone else was being bullied and knew how to say STOP! 

Our next piece of work was to carry out a survey with each of our classes. We had to complete a series of questions ranging from "Are you happy in school?" to "What makes a lesson interesting (or boring)?" to "Do you know who to go to in school if you are worried about something?" The results are in and we will be posting them on the website soon after half term. (Results now in: See under News and Events sign post)

When we come back after the half term, we are launching our first school newspaper! Children from every class will be asked to write something - jokes, puzzles, recipes, craft ideas, book reviews - and we will then interview a member of the staff to find out more about them. We think we will sell the newspaper for 50p and use the money we make to buy some more playground equipment. The newspaper will be posted on the website - so watch this space!


Remembrance Service Carisbrooke Castle


Our school council represented St Mary's Primary School at the Centenary service this year at Carisbrooke Castle.They were joined by local dignitaries, veterans and other local schools for this special service of remembrance.

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School Council 2017-2018


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