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Nurture Group

Meet the team


Mrs Beere and Mrs Wiltshire

In our Nurture sessions, we made Autumn Wreaths, Dream Catchers using natural resources, Wind Spinners as well as our Scarecrow display where we made our own scarecrows while we listened to The Scarecrows Wedding.





We are fortunate to be able to provide weekly Nurture support to those children who need it in our Nurture Suite run by two experienced Nurture trained practitioners, Mrs Beere and Mrs Wiltshire.


Children who we think would benefit from this support are asked to complete a short self assessment with their parents and class teacher also completing a similar assessment . The results of these assessments help the Nurture staff to focus support accurately for maximum impact.


Nurture provision is divided between KS1 and KS2 children with a weekly session in the Nurture Suite and a further weekly session supporting the child or children in class to help them use the strategies learned in Nurture back in their class. Typically,  a child will attend Nurture for six weeks (half a term) with a review at the end of the time and further sessions if needed.


Activities in Nurture are many and varied, from red squirrel watching (nest box cameras in our woods) to entering the local Scarecrow Competition (fabulous skateboarding scarecrow!) to gardening (growing our own fruit and veg!), all of which are designed to encourage social and emotional awareness as well as an awareness of the wider world and our community.

In addition, sessions can include looking at emotions, how we deal with anger, anxiety, sadness and so on, body language and eye contact, growth mindset and metacognition strategies and making positive behaviour choices.




In Nurture, KS2 children took part in a circle-time activity called Lead On where one child is blindfolded and their partner leads, encourages and supports them through an obstacle course.

The children practised these valuable skills:


  • Turn taking 
  • patience
  • co-operating - listening and looking,
  • forming positive relationships,
  • considering their own and others needs,
  • social skills and language,
  • resilience- achievement, self esteem, confidence.

All children enjoyed the activity, despite being nervous to start with!


They managed to overcome their worries and doubts in trusting their peers and to complete the course!

Scarecrow Festival 2019

Blindfold game - supporting and developing trust, confidence and co-operation!

Making Christmas wreaths using foliage from the school woods

Making mulled wine syrup to sell at the Christmas Fayre

Decorating the Nurture Christmas tree!

And clearing up!

This week, we have been planting bulbs given to the school by the Council to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1.

We have planted over 180 crocus bulbs along the path leading to the main entrance and can't wait for Spring to arrive so we can see what they look like!

Practising our musical skills!

We are very proud of our vegetables we grew earlier this year - and they tasted delicious!

We took part in the Scarecrow Competition again this year - with our skateboarding scarecrow!