St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe

Plastic Free School!

Inspired by Alexandra in year 4 and her great work with Surfers against Sewage and their campaign to rid our beaches and seas of plastic pollution, we have signed up to become a


Plastic Free School!



Children from year 4 and Year 5 put themselves forward to become Committee members (still thinking of a catchy name - watch this space!) and will be working with the whole school, parents and governors to raise awareness of the impact plastic pollution is having on our planet.


The school has 5 objectives to complete in order to be awarded Plastic Free School status and over the coming weeks the committee will be keeping you up to date on our progress towards this.


Year 4 Committee


Amelia, Emelia, Rhys and Alexandra

                           Amelia                         Emelia                      Rhys                               Alexandra




Year 5 committee


                  Neve                Dexy                         Tilly                                Sophie                                 Vongai

Neve, Dexy, Tilly, Sophie, Vongai