St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Rubbish Rebellion

Devised, organised and run by Dexy and Tilly in Team Attenborough, Rubbish Rebellion is responsible for collecting our empty crisp packets at school. I wonder just how many we have managed to recycle?


But...they have lots of other ideas for different projects to help improve our environment and will be sharing these with us over the coming weeks and months!


Watch this space!



Tilly and Dexy have written to David Attenborough...




I wonder when we will get a reply?



And he replied!!



Dexy and Tilly have been busy writing to our Island MP, Bob Seely, asking him about wind turbines on the island.

They also wrote to Tesco's asking why they continue to use fruit nets when they are so bad for the environment.

Both Mr Seeley and Tesco's replied.