St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Live, Love, Believe

Team da Vinci Year 3

Jubilee party!

Mr G science day

Summer term letter

Dr Wilson and PC Long (aka Enrico and Angelica!) have helped Team Da Vinci identify the features of non-fiction books this week!


This week, as part of their work on the Victorian photographer and Freshwater resident Julia Margaret Cameron, the children have been practising their photography skills.

In Science week, everyone in  the class had the chance to present their favourite home prepared experiment! 





We have investigated whether Leonardo da Vinci was right about his Vitruvian man hypothesis. We have measured various bones and compared them. We have also looked at some fruit and veg to investigate whether there was a pattern in number of segments in oranges, whether various species of apples had the same number of pips, or where the strawberry or carrot seeds were. We have come up with lots of various questions.

The school has been given a number of trees which have been planted around the new outside gym area and on the grass by preschool.

Today, team da Vinci planted their trees to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's 70th Jubilee!

They planted a rowan tree called.... Roseanne and a hazel tree called...Harry!







On safer Internet day, Team da Vinci discussed what internet game users' etiquette should be and answered a quiz - not all the answers were a straightforward "yes" or "no" so there was lots of discussion!

Dance moves linked to Stone Age hunter/gatherers!

Team da Vinci Spring letter

Team da Vinci have taken part in the Osborne House school project to create a present "fit for a monarch' - Create a Christmas gift that you would have liked to give to Queen Victoria".


We have decided to make a bouquet of flowers - out of old jigsaw pieces - and we are pretty sure that the queen would have been delighted to receive them. We have had great fun making them.


Our present to Queen Victoria will be displayed in the Family Dining Room at Osborne House till 2nd January 2022. 


Team da Vinci carol concert

Still image for this video

Crazy Hair Day!

We are excited to learn how to play the glockenspiels! Even after just one lesson, we can play Twinkle Twinke little star!

This half term, Team da Vinci have been learning about bones and muscles - with the help of Bernie the friendly skeleton!

The children have been busy in this first week back discussing a team name for their class. The name had to be that of someone who has made a positive impact or contribution either recently or in the past.  They chose Leonardo da Vinci as their team name beause of the incredible things he achieved - over 500 years ago! He was a brilliant artist, sculptor, scientist, engineer and inventor - in fact, he designed first helicopter!


Each class made a team flag which will be displayed in class throughout the year and illustrated it with what they agreed were the characteristics of a good team.