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Team Malala Year 6

Platinum Jubilee Concert at Osborne House

By Charlie and Willow

After school, on Tuesday the 7th of June, most of year 6 went to Osborne house to sign and sing a Platinum Jubilee song to celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne. We sung the Platinum Jubilee song written by Southampton Music Hub.   

The Osborne House experience was a very memorable and happy day, one we’ll always remember. The concert had lots of schools taking part (and a lot of them had very good performances) so we were nervous that ours wasn’t going to be good enough. In the end, we thought it went very well! 

We laughed for about 2 hours straight then it was our turn to sing with all the other schools. When we lined up in front of the microphones, the magnificent band started playing so we could start singing and signing.  We never thought we’d be able to learn, sign and perform a song but we did it!                   


Summer term letter to parents

Team Malala have started archery lessons - a lovely afternoon of great fun in the sunshine!

In science, Team Malala have been learning about adaptation and carried out some investigations to see what camouflage is used by various moths and how effective it is. 


A first try for Jacob Gutteridge in the U11 Vectis Rugby tournament. His first big game, his first try, his team's first try - well done, Jacob!

Weaving and toasting marshmallows in the forest!

Den building in Forest school!

In our gym lessons, we have been working hard each week to improve our confidence and technique.

We have had great fun composing and playing our compositions on our new xylophones.

Team Malala took part in the NSPCC Number Day...





Team Malala in the woods!


Over the next term, Team Malala will be learning new skills in their Forest School sessions with Miss Brown.

 In the first sessions today, they learned how to whittle sticks safely (without losing any fingers!)




They used the whittled sticks to make picture frames for their natural collages...




and then gathered more natural resources and some clay to make tree gargoyles.







Spring term letter to parents

Musical Team Malala!

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In music lessons this half term, Team Malala have been listening to and singing a range of songs.
We have sung in unison, sung parts in small groups and combined parts with different words and melodies.
When listening to combined parts, we found that it was sometimes tricky to 'tune into' different voices!

As part of our cross-curricular learning this term, Team Malala researched how the Polish ship, O.R.P. Blyskawica defended Cowes and East Cowes during the Luftwaffe attack on the night of 4th May 1942.


Seventy people sadly died during this attack but, without the actions of the Blyskawica, the devastation could have been much worse.


The children were surprised that the Isle of Wight would be a target for the Luftwaffe, even though it is not a city!


(Links included our History unit on WW2; Geographical comparison between Krakow, Poland and Ryde, Isle of Wight; our English text – ‘The Lion and The Unicorn’; and our Pen Pal links with a school in Krakow, Poland.)







We used masking tape, paper silhouettes and chalk pastels to recreate the scene of this terrible night. 

STEM morning - Lego Strike!

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Team Malala today had great fun - playing with Lego! Actually, it was so much more than that! Working in groups, they contructed their own machines - cars, helicopters and so on - and then programmed them using software on the laptops.
The videos show their contructions carrying out the movements that the children programed them to do.
The whole morning (and part of the afternoon) was really exciting - challenging - but great fun. The amount of team work, discussion and problem solving was phenomenal. Our thanks to Crown Park (and Tyler) for making this possible!

Thank you to FOSMA for our great Leavers' hoodies!

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Krakow Calling!


Today Team Malala spoke to their Polish pen pals in Krakow for the first time! We have been asking/answering questions and having conversations.

We have written letters to the Polish class as well as having a zoom call and waiting for their replies to our letters!

We each took turns to go up and talk to our pen pals. Some people were partnered up with and others had one-to-one conversations. Year 6 had a lot of fun talking and learning about our different ways of living!



Not a very clear picture!

Crazy Hair Day!

The children have been busy in this first week back discussing a team name for their class. The name had to be that of someone who has made a positive impact or contribution either recently or in the past.  

They chose Malala Yousafzai, known simply as Malala,  for their team name because they were impressed with her bravery and determination to ensure girls in Pakistan were able to receive an education. Although she was shot in 2012 on her way home from school, this only made her more determined to fight for Pakistani girls access to a free quality education. 


Each class made a team flag which will be displayed in class throughout the year and illustrated it with what they agreed were the characteristics of a good team.