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Team Tumble Year R

Team Tumble vsisited the Donkey Sanctuary this week - we sponsor a donkey there called Joseph.

We learned that there are 123 donkeys there, 20 ponies and a mule, that donkeys do not have a waterproof coat and that they can live for up to 50 years! 

We found out that the Sanctuary needs to raise £750,000 a year to keep going so we thank you for your donations to the sanctuary!







Team Tumble worked with team da Vinci this week to create the Solent Siren - a mermaid made out of plastic and other rubbish which might be found in our seas!

 This was done as a part of our work on World Oceans Day and in conjunction with a project run by Red Funnel. The Solent Siren will be transported to the Red Funnel terminal and displayed as a reminder to travellers and festival goers to dispose of their rubbish in the proper place! 






We were so excited to take part in the Jubilee carriage competition with Havenstreet Railway and Osborne House. The project was launched by Anthony James from Creaturama visiting us and delivering a workshop. Anthony showed us how to use junk to create our carriages. We then drew our designs and he was most impressed with our designing skills. This is something we have developed over the year when we draw our plans for our STEM challenges. This year we have also focused on developing the children's art skills. We created our carriages and then painted them in the afternoon.

Team Tumble started off the week learning about Saint George and the dragon and the children were so interested in the topic they wanted to learn more so we adapted our plans and carried on with their interests. We learned about castle life, royalty, servants, knights, dragons and even held a royal banquet where jesters entertained the King and Queen. We also created shields and junk models castles.

Karl Newson replied to the Team Tumble tweet about their Ryde library display of "I am a Tiger"

St Patrick's Day and Science!


Well, what started off with a simple science experiment became an immersive experience for Team Tumble who caught hold of the idea and ran with it...

Last night, a cheeky Leprechaun came into Reception and turned our grey rocks green (made out of baking powder and  food colouring) and hid them outside! The children explored the outside classroom and found them, bringing them over to the cleaning station. They used special cleaning liquid (vinegar) to clean the rocks, but instead of the rocks returning to grey, they fizzed and melted! Not only did the rocks disappear, but in their place golden coins appeared.


This experiment spurred on some learning that we hadn't expected. Some children began to go off and make traps, using their knowledge and experience from the Rube Goldberg challenge on Monday. These traps were elaborate in nature, with added features to 'lure' in the cheeky leprechaun before he took all our rocks again. The others went off around the playground, searching for clues and signs of the leprechaun being in the playground. Their imaginations took them to a whole magical world with marks on the floor being footprints, a small gap in the fence being the entrance to a magical world.

The Leprechaun had left a self-portrait on the easel outside and throughout the morning, things kept appearing on it. Even one of the chocolates that Phoebe and her Mummy, Sam had brought for everyone yesterday! The children were convinced that he was around, playing tricks on them and that maybe he was invisible.

They created 'wanted' posters to go with their traps and discovered some 'four leaf' clovers in the planters.


Phoebe's mummy came in and told us all about Ireland and even taught us some Gaelic!


Science week!

As part of our science learning this week, Team Tumble created their own Rube Goldberg inspired machines exploring motion. They had they had think critically when designing their machines, thought about levels to increase the velocity of the red nose and evaluated their designs as they built them.






Winter Olympics in Ryde!

You don't need to go to Bejing to see the winter olympics - just pop into Team Tumble!


We started the week with our opening ceremony and made some medals.






Each day we have focused on a particular event, curling, skating, ski jumping and bobsleigh.


We carried out an investigation to see which item would make the best curling stone by sliding them across the ice. We had to predict, investigate and then hypothesise as to why some items slid and some did not.





We played "ice" hockey and went speed skating!




We used the guttering to see how far our bobsleighs would travel....



...and investigated which ski jumper would jump the furthest.



Team Tumble  have been celebrating numbers! They have thought about their favourite number, identified it, made it in various forms, followed colour keys to colour a picture, made clay medals in preparation for our Winter Olympics  topics and started our learning all about ordinal numbers.







Team Tumble are continuing their adventures in space this week. They have been looking up at the skies through telescopes to see shooting stars and comets.

A comet even crashed into the water tray and froze everything in it! The children had a great time exploring the ice.



They took part in a Now Press Play adventure where they traveled space to find ingredients to cure Mars the dog  who was feeling ill.


The children have made alien spaceships, rockets out of playdough and been applying their phonic knowledge to write what they can see in space.



Team Tumble have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week.

We have been subitising beans, painting beanstalks, building giant houses in the sky and making the giant some "hot chocolate"...







We tuned into The North Pole where Father Christmas read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and then joined in watching the pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk" with lots of other schools around the country.



Team Tumble have been learning about St Lucia who is celebrated in Sweden at this time of the year, remembering the help she gave to Christians hiding in the Roman catacombs.


 The children made Swedish flags and crowns - representing the candle lit crown St Lucia wore when helping the Christians.
















They have also learned about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah - known as the festival of lights.

 The children made chanukiahs which are 9 branched candle holders, played a dreidel game and learned some traditional Jewish dances.



Team Tumble enjoyed learning about Divali and were excited to hear from Thishaan's mum all about the festival of Divali.

Crazy Hair Day

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Reception had a volcanic eruption this week....such excitement!!

Team Tumble