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Welcome to Year 2

Meet the team


Year 2 have been so very creative this week, making beautiful angels for their hall Christmas decoration. Inspired by Mrs Whitmore's love of natural materials, the children created angels from bark, leaves and wood. They then decorated them in any way they wanted and hung them in the hall. They look stunning!


Y2 Maths calendar


The children helped Mrs Whitmore celebrate becoming a British Citizen. Thank you to Mrs Cleverdon for baking a yummy cake!

Australia Day

Our new resource!!


Year 2 tried out our new wireless headphones today - they listened to the Story of Little Red Riding Hood  but with a twist!

The headphones encourage the children to listen closely to the story and follow instructions to act out scenes or react to different characters. 

We are delighted with this resource and can see it will have many benefits across the school from YR to Y6 - the children really enjoyed it today!

Archive photographs Year 2 2018-2019

Fun with Boomarangs on Australia Day

Archive photographs 2017-2018

Marwell Zoo Trip

Year 2 fire station visit