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Welcome to Year 2

Meet the team


On Wednesday we had a pretended debate in Cranktown. All the knights, rascals, cows, armourers, bakers, butchers, and other professionals gathered to discuss their frustrations and annoyance with a ferocious, man-eating dragon called Flamethrottle who terrorises the Kingdom of Rodney and ruins everybody’s life. The debate was gravely serious but it had its fun bits.


Year 2’s planter is looking really impressive. And there are so many tulips still to come.

First Cricket lesson for Year 2

Welcome to the summer term.

World Book day Creations!

It snowed in our classroom a few days ago!

We even had a mini snow fight.  Stellar dendrites, sectored plates as well as fernlike stellar dendrites and all the other ones kept falling on our heads. We had great fun learning about all kinds of snowflakes and how snow is formed. We also enjoyed vacuuming the carpet.

 Now we are looking forward to spring. :)

We are all unique and our shadows are even more special. They show us as we are. This week in Year 2 we have read the book by Scott Stuart - My shadow is pink. We have loved the book. We do recommend it to everybody. We also had fun playing with our shadows. Did you know they keep changing depending on the time of the day?

A bit of exercise - avoiding being caught by the dinosaurs!

We have loved learning about Antonio Gaudi! Some of us would even like to become architects.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s art and love for fashion , year 2 decided to create their own clothes and present them on the classroom catwalk.

Learning to sew on buttons!

What's been happening in Year 2 this week?


We bounced balls to the rhythm of some catchy tunes

We have designed and built Ryde Opera Houses

And, we practised telling the time.


Look who visited us this week

New Skills


This week in Year 2 we have been learning how to tie our ties- a very
useful skill for kS 2 , and for life. We all have accomplished our
mission. We are ready for the next challenge. :)


We have packed up our suitcases,  boarded a plane and have flown to Australia.  After 22-hours- long journey we landed in Perth and started exploring the Western part of this incredible country. 


Well done Alexander Michna-Cooke for very carefully following Lego instructions and creating this working Lego model.

Year 2 have been so very creative this week, making beautiful angels for their hall Christmas decoration. Inspired by Mrs Whitmore's love of natural materials, the children created angels from bark, leaves and wood. They then decorated them in any way they wanted and hung them in the hall. They look stunning!


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