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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Meet the team


Y3 have been working independently in teams to plan, research, produce and display their own Egyptian Museums. Creating Egyptian board games proved to be very popular, and were lots of fun to play!! We have loved learning with, and from, each other.

Year 3 had a fantastic morning at the beach on Tuesday.  We created mixed-media seascapes using 2B and 4B pencils, charcoal and chalk pastels (and even erasers). As you can see, we enjoyed getting our hands (and faces...) dirty!

After our artwork, we had time to play. We built castles and walls, had races and tried to dig down to lava!

The children were exceptionally well-behaved and a credit to the school.


A BIG thank you to our adult volunteers who have enabled our trips and swimming lessons to happen this year.

Year 3 children have been having lots of fun preparing for the carnival. We have been making flags and headdresses and learning the words and signs for our carnival song. In maths, we have been reading scales and investigating capacity. Challenges included working out how much water an unmarked container could hold and measuring a total of 1 litre using more than one container (one group used more than ten containers to make a total of 1 litre!).

A busy week in Year 3 as we practise our jumping, skipping, yoga poses and meditation!

What's been happening in Year 3?


To begin our light unit in Science, Year 3 have been considering natural and man-made light sources. We also had great fun creating shadows, reflections and investigating the effects of shining light through coloured paddles and prisms.

In Guided Reading, we have been practising using expression and actions to perform play scripts. We have thought about how we can make a performance interesting to watch.

As we near the end of our swimming lessons, the children had their swimming assessments. They were all brilliant!

The children working really hard on their 'Statistics' and also enjoying a 'Now Press Play' activity on Healthy eating.

What’s going on in...Y3?

Over the last few weeks, we have been using Scratch in our Computing lessons. We have been using conversations (wait) and adding backgrounds and costumes. We have been saving our work to the pupil drive and retrieving it.



Written by Ophelia and Phoenix

We are also taking good care of our sunflowers seeds—which are finally growing—and weeding our vegetable patch outside our classroom

This week in Year 3, we have been reading the book "Voices in the Park" and plotting how the characters' emotions change in the story - this is called an emotions graph. It's great to work in small groups and discuss what each one of us thinks about the characters!

We have also been writing our prayers to Mary on the ribbons so we can attach them to the fence in our new Prayer Garden. During our worships this week, we have also made a paper chain of prayers for our prayer table in class - it's a very long chain!

NSPCC Number Day

A huge well done to Matthew dela Pena who has been awarded not one but two certificates for his successes in the Isle of Wight Music, Dance and Drama Festival.




Welcome to the summer term

As part of our Stone Age learning, we went on a virtual tour of Stonehenge.

Then we used information from the website to make our own version!


On the day before World Book Day, we watched Share a Story Live - Presents 'Books that make you LOL!'

Different authors talked about their books and, as you can see, it was very funny!

To celebrate World Book Day the children were asked to find creative ways to showcase their favourite books.   

This week, Year 3 took part in an online session with Mrs Smith, housekeeper at Osborne House as part of their work on Victorian life. 20 children took part in this - at home and at school.

They received this feedback:

Please pass on our thanks to the children and let them know that Mrs Smith was very impressed with them and is sure they would become fine servants in the Royal Household. Please also thank the parents who supported their children with this activity.



This week, Year 3 have been training how to be servants for Queen Victoria.  The housekeeper, Mrs Smith gave us instructions in etiquette and then showed us how to prepare fire twists and a properly laid table. She even taught us how to use our spoon properly when eating soup!

Later this week, we will have an opportunity to ask Mrs Smith questions to help us to decide if we would like a job as a servant at Osborne House or not! 







In "Bucket Group", Mrs Cleverdon made "Rainbow Rain" using Oobleck ( a mixture of cornflour and water).

Oobleck is really fun and interesting to play with as it can act as both a liquid and a solid. We decided to investigate!




Year 3 were lucky enough to get to visit Osborne House this week. It is closed to the public but we were allowed a special visit to see the table decoration we made in place on the dining table. 

Because there was no-one else there, we could stand around the table to have our picture taken - normally no-one can go beyond the rope so we were lucky!


Click on the link below to see the KS2 Christmas Concert.

Visit to Year 3

Estelle, the Heritage Education Officer, delivered a Victorian workshop to year 3 this afternoon, she brought along artifacts relating to Julia-Margaret Cameron, her husband and son.


On Remembrance Day, Y3 thought about the similarities and differences between how people acted in the war and in the coronavirus pandemic.

















 They also made some beautiful poppies for the class Prayer table.






Year 3 Maths Calendar

Year 3 blog     12/11/2020


By kit, Emily and Russell


We got wristbands and we did 2 minutes silence for Remembrance day. 


We embroidered Scottish flags and made paper thistles to send to Osborne house.

We did gymnastics and ukulele lessons – they were exciting!


Year 3 Blog          15/10/2020


By Harry G, Alexandra and Amelia

This week we checked how we all come to school. We found out how many people walked to school, drive, scoot, cycle, drive and walk or use the bus. We want everyone to be healthier.

The Falconry people came to school for us to see birds including different types of owls. It was exciting and amazing! We heard the noisy birds squealing and saw them flying. We found out where they normally hide and how they hunt. Sometimes they hear things really well.  We even got to stroke one of them.


Year 3 Harvest Prayers

Still image for this video

Y3 Harvest singing!

Still image for this video

Year 3 Blog 8/10/2020


By Harry C, Matthew and Joseph


We learned about measure which is hard work.

We read Pumpkin Soup it was very fun.

In history we are learning about Queen Victoria.

Year 3 does 3 digit numbers in maths.

Today were giving food and prayers for the hungry and homeless in harvest day.


Year 3 Blog 1/10/2020

By Tanner, Ophelia and Briseis


This week we have been working very hard in all in our lessons . 

We had our first ukulele lesson, it was fun and exciting. 

In art we made a colour wash and put on a silhouette of the skyline.

Some  of  our  art work is on  show at Monkton Arts Gallery for everyone to see we all feel proud.




Year 3 Blog 25/09/2020


Year 3 Blog by Phoenix, Hishanthi and Izzy


This week in maths we did the inverse, addition and number lines.

In Guided Reading we read Little Red , we did character descriptions and we did little reds plan to stop the lion from eating her. In PE we did football on a Wednesday and yoga on a Monday.

 We have also been on the computers going on google classroom. We’ve gotten better at washing are hands faster.  We did golden mile on Monday this week. 

Year 3 Blog  15/09/2020

by Mrs Cass and Year 3 children


In our first 2 weeks we have had lots of art lessons. We have drawn our favourite places and people, painted clouds, drawn our faces, made a lion banner (courage), and made a paper chain of ourselves.

We are very happy to be back together and excited about all our new experiences.  Now we are in Year 3, we wear a tie, have new challenges, new teachers and are more independent. We have Yoga and football lessons, a new classroom and we do French lessons!



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