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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


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Year 3 Blog      15/09/2020

by Mrs Cass and Year 3 children


In our first 2 weeks we have had lots of art lessons. We have drawn our favourite places and people, painted clouds, drawn our faces, made a lion banner (courage), and made a paper chain of ourselves.

We are very happy to be back together and excited about all our new experiences.  Now we are in Year 3, we wear a tie, have new challenges, new teachers and are more independent. We have Yoga and football lessons, a new classroom and we do French lessons!



Year 3 Blog by Mya and Emmanuel   06/02/20

This week we have been busy doing lots of learning. We have done more but these are some examples.

Guided reading

 UG is a guided reading book we learning about and we did a little recount of a part of the story and we had to write what UG was making a boat of stone and his friend came along called Ag and Ag said ‘’what is this thing?’ And it carries on.


We did a tenths column on the right hand side of the ones column and we did problems. We also were weighing on scales.

Power  Points

We did our power points about the stone age and facts about tools, food, animals, clothes and cave paintings. Soon we will show it to the class.


Australia Day


29th January 2020

By Apollonia, Lucas and Ellie


This week we have celebrated Australia Day .

We made our own myth. It was about a brown bush rat that saved different Australian animals like the kangaroo, red-bellied black snake, dingo, great white shark, koala, ostrich and wombat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



Stone Age

This Week in Year 3  -  10/01/20


By Dexy and Lily J.


This week we began learning about the Stone Age and so we did a Now Press Play story. We really  enjoyed it I can’t wait to do it again at the end of the unit.

We liked the story very much so I decided to give that story  5 stars*****

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Archive photographs Year 3 2016-2017

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