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Welcome to Year 5

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Our Van Gogh-inspired Harvest water colours



The Spaghetti and Marshmallow Build a Tower Challenge

By Jathisa, Finlay, Fred and Joshua


As part of our Science day, year 5 took part in a spaghetti and marshmallow challenge. We had to stack marshmallows on top of spaghetti to form a tower. My team were struggling. It was difficult because the spaghetti structure kept falling. People tried different techniques but it still didn’t work. The best way to build a strong tower was to build a square base. I think we could have improved the strength further by shortening some of the spaghetti pieces.

This challenge was really fun and our team won.


Mr G science workshop

 by Max P, Chloe, Tom and Emily


Last week we had Mr G visit us with his Science Show. Each class had their own Science workshop with him. In our Science workshop, we investigated various unique objects: the rainbow goggles; the toothbrush that created sound waves; the circuit machine and the tornado bottle.

These are our favourite activities: Max P’s was the noisy slinky; Chloe’s was the Air Zooka; Tom’s was the coloured goggles and Emily’s was the circuit machine.

Year 5 Now Press Play

Victorian Britain


 By Lily Judd, Finlay Doyle, Blossom Tucker and Max Powers


The ‘now press play’ Victorian Britain was amazing. Everyone loved it. The story was about a child whose father was injured. He went to try out at the mine but unfortunately, he didn’t get enough coal. His family had to go to the Workhouse. Meanwhile, he went to London and met a lady called Mrs Do-Good. She gave him some money but unfortunately he was robbed. Then he met a man who took him to work in the button factory but the man was treated badly at work and was whipped. Everyone wanted to stand up for their rights so they downed tools and won.

Here are some of our opinions:

 ‘I liked it when we got to crawl in the mine.’ Max P

‘I liked it when we had to stand up to the Prime Minister, Gladstone.’ Blossom

‘It made me feel like it was really happening.’ Lily

‘Now press play’ is really good and we recommend it to everyone.’  Lily


Welcome to Year 5



Dear Parents /Guardians,

Year 5 Spring Term Welcome Letter
Welcome back to another term in Year 5. Mrs Salter and I hope you had a fantastic fun filled
Christmas and a well-deserved rest!
This term we will continue to build on our English and mathematics learning. In our first theme, we
will study the Victorians and their successful transport inventions. In addition to this, we will be
studying Properties and Changes of Materials in Science and Revelation and Lent in Religious
Our P.E sessions will continue to be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Please check that all of
your children’s belongings are named, including uniform, P.E kit, coats, sunhats, lunch boxes, bags
and water bottles.
With regard to homework, children are expected to read daily for at least 20 minutes. Spelling
practice and dictionary work is completed at home and returned on Fridays. We hope that the
children will continue to practise their times table learning. We also hope that the children will use
the online ‘TTRock stars’ programme and ‘Prodigy’ regularly at home – please ask if you need to be
reminded of usernames and passwords.

Thank you for your continued support,
Yours sincerely,
J Sandy
Year 5 Class Teacher

Spring Homework


The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes


Limerick Fest


Last week, Year 5 immersed themselves in limericks. We looked at limericks from Edward Lear and other popular poets and learned about their rhyme and rhythmical pattern. Having studied their structure, we wrote our own.  At the end of the week, we performed limericks from memory at our very own Limerick Fest.

Here are a few examples of our Year 5 limericks:


There once was a mouse called Mickey,

With food he was really quite picky.

Just ate cheese from France,

That made him prance,

For dinner it was very tricky.

By James


There once was a cat with six dinners,

Whose owners felt they were winners.

But this poor, poor cat,

Got so dreadfully fat,

Exploded and became much thinner.

By Finlay


There was a young girl from Ryde,

Who walked about with pride.

Her head was held high,

Always looking at the sky,

Until she hit a lamppost and cried.

By Mia-Rose




Cross Country Event


On Friday, St Mary’s took part in the rearranged Cross Country relays at Shanklin Football Club. Despite some challenging conditions, the event went ahead.

In the first race, the girls’ team consisted of Bella, Ivy, Abigail and Daisy-Li. Bella bravely started for the girls and fought her way through the crowds, gripping the relay baton tightly. After battling her way through the field she managed to pass the baton to Ivy, who stood amongst the waiting girls for her run through the boggy mud. A strong run from Ivy saw her cross the line, giving Abigail her chance. Light on her feet, Abigail made up many places and this gave Daisy-Li a fighting chance to bring it home for St Mary’s. A superb team effort allowed the Year 5/6 team saw us come home in 14th place. What a remarkable effort!

The second team was made up of Rebecca, Inara, Chloe Hackshaw and Chloe Woodward. An extremely fast start from Rebecca allowed St Mary’s to join the front runners. The baton was passed to Inara who ran a formidable leg, keeping St Mary’s in a very strong position. Chloe Hackshaw then took the reins, seemingly floating around the challenging course and making up yet more places. Chloe Woodward ran the anchor leg, cheered on by her team mates, Mrs Hackshaw and Mr Dignan. Chloe crossed the line and St Mary’s came 10th, a mightily impressive result considering the standard.

With one race to go the boys had a lot to live up to. Up front with the baton was Joseph, who ran an outstanding leg, all the while jostling with the front runner. His effort and determination was clear; he also knew he had a job to do. The baton was passed to Flynn whose gritty, bold run positioned St Mary’s amongst the top 5 schools. Leo’s leg was equally whole-hearted. The anchor leg was run was by Isaac who ran an exceptional race. Racing clear of the majority of the field, he crossed the line and the boys team came ninth!

The adults were amazed by your spirit, ability and passion. You should be extremely proud of your effort and your team work enabled St Mary’s to place very highly. Very, very well done!





' Year 5 enjoyed an immersive audio resource - 'now> press > play'.

Through emotion, imagination and movement, we experienced being part of an exciting Maya story.'

The Ark and The Dove


As part of IOW Literary Festival, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a story telling/drama workshop. Estelle Baker and Michele O’Brien led the workshop, The Ark and the Dove, about a true story of the struggles faced by a group of people trying to start a new life in America. Having enjoyed this session, the children are looking forward to the next.


Chloe said,

‘The Ark and the Dove workshop was really fun. It was really interesting to hear about the true story. There was paper on the floor where we could write down what we thought about the pictures. We could ask questions, try on the old clothes and look at the awesome artefacts.

I really enjoyed trying on the clothes because it was cool putting on clothes from people that were around a long time ago.’


Jathisa said,

‘In the workshop we got to hear the story of the Ark and Dove, discovered the artefacts and acted out parts of the story. I felt like I was actually in the situation as we were told the story.’


Alfie said,

‘The Ark and the Dove was really cool because I got to hold a sword and it was so heavy.’

Maya Workshop

Welcome letter year 5

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Maths challenge at Ryde School

Sitting Volleyball Festival - Greenmount Primary School 11th January 2019

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