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Staffing at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

We are a happy and caring one form entry school, rooted in a Catholic ethos. Our support
staff are each based in one class but may also support across the school in different ways.


Our teaching staff are employed across the Federation. This means that they might move from one school to the other when required.




St Mary’s Staff

Interim Headteacher:  Mrs Alison Langridge

Senior Teacher: Mrs Jo Cass

Office Manager:  Mrs Helen Hoey

Office Administrator:  Mrs Helen Graham

School Business Manager: Mrs Janey Chadwick

School Bursar:  Mrs Debbie Purdue

School Site Manager:  Mr Graham Reeve

SENDCo:  Ms Jacqui Barnden


General enquiries from parents and members of the public

Mrs Hoey and Mrs Graham - school office 01983 562000


Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1

Reception class Teachers: Mrs. Cory and Ms Jackson

Year 1 Teachers:  Miss Robinson and Mrs Moore

Year 2 Teacher:  Mrs Whitmore 


EYFS and Key Stage 1 L.S.As:  Mrs Juliet Gane,  Miss Clayre Brown, Mrs Lisa Young, Mrs Emma Caldwell, Mrs Wendy Cleverdon< Miss Claire Smith.



Year 3 Teacher:  Mrs Cass

Year 4 Teacher:  Mrs Nadstawek

Year 5 Teacher:  Mrs Sandy 

Year 6 Teacher:  Mr Dignan

Key Stage 2 L.S.As:   Mrs Justine Salter,  Mrs Sarah Wiltshire, Mr Laurence Matthews, Mrs Gina Maynard and Miss Jane Dobson.


Subject leaders: each member of staff is allocated a curriculum area to lead across the school. This means that they attend subject network meetings and relevant training and updates which they disseminate to other staff through our professional development meetings. Subject leaders are responsible for monitoring curriculum coverage in their subject and ensuring that teaching and learning in that curriculum area is good.


Maths lead: Mrs Langridge

English lead: Mrs Cass

R.E. lead: Mrs Langridge

Science lead: Mrs Sandy

History and Geography lead: Mrs Whitmore

P.E./Computing Coordinator: Mr Dignan

Creative Curriculum leads: Mrs Cory and Miss Robinson

PEACH Champion: Ms Nicky Jackson



From time to time, most children require an intervention of some kind to support their learning. On many occasions, these brief interventions are delivered in short sessions designed to "close the gap" in the children's learning. Sometimes, children may require more focussed interventions for a longer time to help them catch up. Such interventions are closely monitored by teaching staff (and the SENDCo if necessary) and the impact of these on their learning tracked.


Family Liaison Officer (FLO):  Mrs Sue Beere. 

Mrs Beere is responsible for monitoring attendance rates across the school and will contact parents to enquire where a child is if a message explaining the absence has not been received from parents by the school.She will also call School Attendance Meetings (SAMs) for parents of those children whose attendance is giving cause for concern. 


Additional roles

School Cook: Mrs Kay Thompson. 

Kitchen assistants - Kim Cotton

Lunchtime Supervisors:   Mrs Justine Salter, Miss Sue Cushen, Mrs Claire Beaumont,  Mrs Ailsa Bremner, Mrs Lisa Young, Miss Clayre Brown. 


Cleaning and Maintenance: Mr Graham Reeve, Miss Sue Cushen


Breakfast and After School Club

Leader/Administrator: Mr Laurence Matthews

Staff:  Mr Laurence Matthews, Mrs Claire Beaumont and Mrs Ailsa Bremner

Picture 1 Mrs Helen Hoey
Picture 2 Mrs Helen Graham
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